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IELTS recent Speaking in India 3rd September 2018

Recently asked questions in the IELTS Speaking test in India, candidates were asked the following questions: for all three parts of the speaking test.

Part 1

  1. What is your full name?
  2. Can I see your ID?
  3. Where are you from?
  4. Do you work or study?
  5. What do you do?
  6. Do you live in a flat or a house?
  7. Why do you live there?
  8. Do you use maps?
  9. Do you prefer paper or digital maps and why or why not?
  10. Did you use a map in your childhood?
  11. Would you like to use a map in future?

Cue Card

Describe something that you made with your hand for your friend. You should say:

What was it?

When you made it?

How long it took to complete?

and explain how you felt for it?

For answers click here


  1. What kind of items people in your country make for a gift?
  2. In your county, how common is it giving gifts which are man-made?
  3. Why people prefer to make items which they love the most?
  4. Do you think, making hand-made items are popular as compared to 20 years before?