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Sample answers Informal letter | friend recently came to your birthday party and bought you an expensive gift

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter. Thank your friend. Explain how useful the gift is. Arrange to meet up with your friend sometime soon.

Your friend recently came to your birthday party and bought you an expensive gift.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • thank your friend
  • explain how useful the gift is
  • arrange to meet up with your friend sometime soon

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any address.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear .........,

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Band 7 Sample answers

Dear John,

I write to you to tell you how happy I am, for attending my birthday, but also for this wonderful gift that you've gifted me. A smartphone phone is too much of a gift, my dear friend, and you know that you shouldn't have bothered as much. Anyway, I thank you immensely for it and promise you that I'll be texting you more often now.

Since my old cellular phone had broken, this one came just in time and is quite handy, I must add. This mobile has a better configuration than my previous one, it's the camera has 32 megapixels whereas the one had only 5 megapixels. Another is memory also 128 Gigabytes double than the old phone. It is really helpful for me, now I can take tons of photos and videos for our next holiday.

I'm planning to invite you out for a drink, or dinner (it's up to you to choose), to chat a bit. I can't express enough my appreciation for your kindness, and warn you that I might get used to it! To your surprise, I've written this email using my the phone you gifted me!

Can't wait to meet, see you soon.

Best regards,


Another Band 7 Sample answer

Dear Tracy,

It was so wonderful to see you after ages at my birthday party last week. We really had a good time together as we could relive many fond memories of our college days. I really want to thank you for coming and bringing such a precious gift for me.

When I opened the gift and found a Gucci wristwatch inside, I was really excited and thrilled as you still remember my favourite brand. I was looking for a wristwatch since a very long time as my university doesn't allow to keep our mobile phones on the desk during the class hours. Therefore, it becomes very difficult and awkward to ask the time from my friends every now and then. It was so nice of you to understand my need.

Can we plan to meet again next Sunday at city centre? Please let me know as soon as you get this letter so that I can book a table for us in a nice restaurant. Hope to see you soon.

With Love,


Another Band 7 Sample answer

Dear Sam,

Hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the best of spirits. I'm writing this letter to thank you for attending my birthday party and for presenting me with an expensive gift.

Firstly, my family and I were really happy to have you on my birthday and I was excited to see the IELTS books inside the box that you gifted me. I was thinking of buying these books for my IELTS preparation for a very long time but didn't have enough money to buy them. These books would be really helpful for my upcoming exam and I could not thank you enough for this useful and timely gift.

Sorry, I could not spend much time during my birthday party as I was little busy with my relatives and I'm thinking that we can catch up some time this Saturday in the phoenix mall. I have booked movie tickets for both of us and we can have some fun time together.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.

Warm wishes,


Another Band 7 Sample answer

Dear David,

How's everything going? Hope you're well. I'm just writing to thank you for your presence and your special gift to my 25th anniversary last week.

You did such an incredible act! I'll always be grateful for the blue suit and the colourful tie you came with. You know we have been staying as best friends for a long time now. I couldn't bear to spend all of the rest of the days without expressing my gratitude to you. I think the article costs you big charges.

As an accountant, my job requires a range of smart clothes and that day, your gift was appropriate. I'll wear it on the forthcoming Monday of the next week. I'll look very new-fashioned.

I'm planning to organise a meet up with you. I'm seeing to point it at the end of the month at 7.30 p.m. You know as you're far from me, I've thought to thank you in another way.

Hope to hear from you very soon.

Warm wishes, Steven

Another Band 7 Sample answer

Dear Noman,

Hope you are doing extremely well. I apologies for taking long to get back to you as you may know I'm tremendously busy with house chores and unlimited errands in the office.

By the way, I want to thank you for the most significant gift that you have given me during my birthday party. Believe me, it's a gift of a lifetime for me and it always holds great meaning to me. However, I was peculiar that how you came to know I was thinking of having an apple laptop. I was shocked when I opened the package and found the gift is an apple laptop. You know I'm operating it from morning till evening for the office activities and late-night for my study purpose as well. It has quite big storage capacity so I'd save the entire necessary file on it.

What's more, I'm thinking of meeting you by the next weekend and share some terrible story with and have a cup of coffee in our favourite shop the Starbuck. I'll wait for your response to finalize the meeting. Take the best care of yourself.

Your loving friend,

Abdul Awal

Another Band 7 Sample answer

Dear Kishan,

I hope you and your family are all doing well. Thank you so much for the refrigerator! But you shouldn't have bought such an expensive gift.

The timing couldn't have been any more perfect for this gift. My refrigerator was almost a decade old, and ever since the last repair, it had not been working really well. I was planning to buy a new one this year during the Christmas sale, but I think you read my mind.

The best thing about the new refrigerator is the automatic temperature feature. It automatically adjusts the temperature with the changing seasons, and the chills a six-pack of beer in a matter of minutes. Talking of beer, it reminds me that it been a long time since we pulled an all-nighter playing Fifa! Let's do it over this weekend if you are free? Pizzas and beer are on me.

Thanks again for this amazing gift! Hoping to see you soon.

Warm wishes,


Another Band 7 Sample answer

Dear Tiffany,

I'm writing this letter to you to express my heartfelt thanks and how happy I am, for attending my birthday party last week. To my surprise, the special birthday gift from your end is also an outstanding one, which is the latest green Redmi9A android cell phone.

Since my old cellphone broked, I was waiting to buy the latest android Redmi9A, and just in time I got one as my birthday present, I must add. This mobile has advanced features like good RAM, 13 megapixels triple camera, whereas my older phone didn't have enough RAM and camera configuration to take photos. It is helpful now for me to take pictures and videos for our next holiday.

I'm planning to invite you for our next holiday destination where I can use my new Redmi9A phone and take pictures and save them as memories. I cannot wait to meet you and have fun at our holiday location. I can't wait to meet you soon!

Regards, George.