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International Sporting Events only brings drawback

Some people think that large international sporting events only bring drawbacks and that it is not worth hosting them. Do you agree or disagree

Model band 8 IELTS essay answer

It is often believed that hosting international sports events have only detrimental effects on the hosting country and have no advantages from it. In my opinion, I strongly oppose such beliefs, especially because these competitions are propitious for the country's development and for the country's resident also.

The most important reason for having international events is economic growth. Although the cost of organising an international event is significantly high, revenue comes from the ticket sales, advertising is more than that of hosting events. It clearly shows that income from organising such events bring positive development towards the country's economic growth.

Another point to consider is the nation's infrastructure development in the long-run. If any international events are scheduled, state government often try to improve means of transportation with the aim to attract more foreigners, this would results in much positive development in transport. Not only will this bring benefits for a resident for long-term, but also it will reduce the cost of any future international events.

Finally, the rate of employment is also a positive reason for hosting international events. It cannot be denied that organising huge events require enormous worker in order to complete infrastructure for events. Additionally, when spectator comes to watch game events, employees in a hotel, local transport such as taxi, would also have benefits in employment.

In conclusion, I completely disagree that organising international events do not bring advantageous to hosting country as it has more important benefits to the country's economic development as well as individuals, in employment and the basic requirement for transportation.