Speaking Mock Test | A risk you have taken which had a positive result

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What is your full name, please?

and what should I call you?

May I see your identification?

Do you like shopping?

Do you compare prices when you shop?

Is it difficult for you to make a choice when you shop?

Do you use perfume?

What kind of perfume do you like?

What does perfume mean to you?

Do you give perfume as a gift?

Do you prefer to use a pen or pencil?

What was the time you bought a pen or pencil?

How would you react if someone sent you a pen as a gift?

Describe a mistake you have made recently.

You should say:

  • What was it?
  • Why do you choose to take this risk?
  • What was the result?

and explain how you felt about it.

Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

Are action films popular in your country?

Do you think men and women will make a different choice of risk-taking?

Do people take advice before taking risks?