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Describe the happiest situation in your life

A model answer for IELTS speaking band score of 7.0 or above describe the happiest situation/moment/time in your life, with the explanation of a score.

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe the happiest situation in your life.

You should say:

What was that event?

Where and when it happened?

With whom you enjoyed?

and explain why it was important?

A Modal answer with band 7+

OK, I have gone through many events where I rejoiced a lot in my whole life. The one which I wanna talk about is a time when my first kid born. I really cannot forget that big day. Carrying my first baby in hand, I was in cloud 9 when I heard her mellifluous crying voice.

I was waiting outside of the maternity room when my wife gave birth to my daughter. I vividly remember it was Monday the 23rd of June, 2014 when my little sweetheart came into the world.

As soon as I saw my little one, I decided to celebrate with all my close friends and relatives on the same day in the evening. Thereafter, I phoned all my friends for inviting them. There were around 50 people joined to enjoy this precious moment with my wife and me. All we gathered in a 3-star hotel and had a sumptuous dinner with a 5-course meal.

As this was the first experience in my life of having a kid, it was significantly valuable not only for me but also for my family. I will always remember that day in my entire life.