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Describe software that you use often

A model answer for IELTS speaking band score of 7.0 describe software that you use often. What is it? What is it used for? How often do you use it?

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe a software that you use often.

You should say:

What is it?

What is it used for?

How often do you use it?

and explain why you use this software.

A Modal answer with band 7+

OK! professionally I'm a software engineer and always deal with a variety of software in my everyday life. Here, I'd like to talk about the crucial software for me and it is the Adobe reader, though I know plenty of software available out there. This software can be installed on almost any devices such as MacBook, Windows PC, Linux system, iPad and smartphones.

The primary application of this software is to read the document without having any word processor, which are often memory consuming. This adobe reader is very lightweight and requires very little memory to operate. Moreover, files which can be open using this software also takes in significant disk space. Consequently, this software saves your memory quite well. You can read books, articles, and any portable files.

I first learnt about this software when I was doing undergraduate in the field of Information Technology. As I'm an avid reader, I use adobe reader almost every day. I read while commuting as well as working at my workplace.

Overall, the main reason for using this software is because it consumes nominal memory and while reading, it is very flexible to magnify and read based on our vision sight. I'd highly recommend people who prefer to read on screens.