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Describe one of your grandparents jobs

A model answer for IELTS speaking band score of 7.0, Describe one of your grandparent's jobs. What was it? When did he use to work? Where did it carry out?

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Talk about one of your grandparent's job.

You should say:

What job was it?

How did they carry out?

Where had he/she done the job?

and explain what you have learned from it?

A Modal answer with band 7+

OK, my father always used to inspire me by saying how my grandpa used to do for their livelihood. Sadly, both of them passed away and left us with their memory only. I am feeling proud of sharing my grandfather's job. Initially, my grandpa did not possess any farm so to work in other's field was only the source of income. He had started to work in the field at the age of 16, after his marriage. He had been working very hard and diligently on the other's farm for 7 years until he acquired his own farm of 3 acres.

He used to cultivate various kinds of grain, especially wheat, rice, and lentil. Although the existence of chemical fertilizers, which was widely used among other farmers, he denied that and perpetuating organic farming. However, his annual saving was a little for a few years. Surprisingly, after 4-5 years, his hardworking and trust for organic farming born fruit, demand for organic food roared and immediately he managed to buy more land.

All this happened in my a small village which is my native place. Almost all residents of this place really appreciate the work that my grandfather did because he helped many people not only financially but also strengthen their confidence. Many dwellers who did not hold any field received help for their healthcare and daughter's marriage by my grandpa. Also, build morale for those who wanted to start organic farming.

In short, He made fortune with nothing in hand except hardworking. He is my primary source of inspiration, and I will never forget his contribution to the whole of my village.