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Describe an important tree or plant in your country

A model answer for IELTS speaking band score of 7.0 describe an important tree or plant in your country, with the explanation of a score.

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe an important tree or plant in your country.

You should say:

What it is?

Where does it grow?

How does it look like?

and explain why is it important?

A Modal answer with band 7+

Well, Trees are important for protecting the environment; however, there are many trees, such as Curry tree, Ashoka tree, Neem tree, etc, which have medicinal properties. I'd like to talk about one of them, it's a Neem Tree also known as with scientific name, Azadirachta Indica. It is grown in both tropical and non-tropical regions. For the general public, this tree is famous for its dark shade.

It resembles a Chinaberry tree and people often confused between these two trees. It has a strong smell and its flowers are pale white in colour. Its leaves grow in pairs along a long common stem. The trunk of it is usually straight and long about 4-5 metres.

Among many uses, some of them which have made notable. The most important is the bark of the tree produces a gum which has medicinal qualities, Pharmaceutical industry use it to make paracetamol drugs. Plus, its leaves also used for curing of pox virus. Another benefit is the major ingredient of soaps and shampoos as its leaves have vitamin C which contributes to healthy skin. What's more, yeah, twigs with curtailed leaves are also used as toothbrushes in many countries. Last its timber is also even used to manufacture furniture. These benefits make it a very important tree in my country.

Overall, I can say that the neem tree is not only my favourite tree but also widely well-known in the medical industry. I will always remember the importance of this tree in my life and will encourage people to plant at least one neem tree in front of their house.