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Describe an important decision you made with the help of someone

A model answer for IELTS speaking band score of 7.0+ or above describe an important decision you made with the help of someone, with the explanation of a score.

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe an important decision you made with the help of someone.

You should say:

What was the decision?

Who helped you?

How she/he helped you?

and explain how you felt after made decision?

A Modal answer with band 7+

Ok, all people, make some sort of decision every now and then, either minor decision or major decision. Here, I'd like to talk about the most important decision in life that I took with the help of my wife. It is about buying a new residence. Actually, I have been procrastinating this due to some financial reason for last 5 years.

Every month at least once my wife used to ask me that when you are going to buy a house, we can't stay forever in a rental house. And a few months before she showed her saving as of now from her monthly home expenses and told me that it would be enough to make down payment for buying a house. Furthermore, she had also selected a beautiful house in a newly constructed building. What's more, hmmm, She convinces me in many different ways, she compared our current rented house and potential new house. She also underlined on the benefits of having own house. Finally, I am persuaded with her and decided to take initiative to buy a house and I ended up buying a 3-bedroom apartment of 1200 sq.ft., 2 bathrooms and ample amenities. Her help was really appreciable.

After a couple of months when we shifted to own new house, I felt that this must have decided long before, and I could have saved significant fund from a rental house.