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Describe a time you were friendly to someone you did not like

Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn't like. You should say, When and Where it happened? Who he/she was? Why you didn’t like this person? And explain why you were friendly to him/her on that occasion.

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe a time you were friendly to someone you did not like.

You should say:

Who he/she was?

Why you didn’t like this person?

When and where it happened?

and explain why you were friendly to him/her on that occasion.

A Modal answer with band 7+

First of all, there are seldom people whom I dislike. Today I would like to talk about a person whom I talked to politely though I detest him. I know him personally as he lives in my neighbourhood. Actually, he is infamous for his etiquette. In fact, until high school he was my classmate, so know him very well. He used to bully other innocent students. I have seen he does not have enough friends due to his behaviour activities.

I hate him mainly because of his attitude and his actions in public. I have developed an antipathy towards him since we were classmates. He always wanted to be superior in the class and treated others as a slave. One day he had started to fight with girls and he was punished for this behaviour.

Last month, I had visited the hospital for a routine body check-up and there was a man continuously and loudly talking on the phone. I was really annoyed with his behaviour and couldn't stop myself to speak with him.

I talked to him warmly to make him understand other patients are seating and they could be affected by his voice. I requested him to either talk slowly or have a phone call outside of the patient waiting area. In this situation, I had to be polite otherwise he could have started the altercation and perturbed everyone around us.

Speaking Part 3 Discussion

Why are people friendly with the person they don’t like?

That's a really interesting question! There could be different reasons such as situation demands, Individual's preferences. Most of the time, people talk to hostile people in a polite way because of the surrounding area. For example, in an official meeting, spiritual places, schools, hospitals, you name it, such places it is considered to behave politely no matter whom you are talking with. Another reason is one's dignity doesn't allow them to talk in harsh even if the other person is unfriendly. These are few reasons there might be more reasons.

What kinds of people are usually friendly?

Well! A Loyal Best friend is always amiable in all states of affairs. Furthermore, people who are usually in higher positions talk in a pleasant manner. As of now in my professional career, my superior has always shown their affability in various ways. Also, sociable people talk friendly with everyone and increase their friend list.

What are the differences between being friendly and polite?

Thanks for bringing up this question. Friendly is more about character. Friendly people are considerate of other people and act accordingly. They try to make other people comfortable. Whereas, polite people are well-mannered, civilized and try to respect everyone. What else, we usually show politeness with formal language whereas, for friendliness, informal language is used.

What do you think about people who are always straightforward?

Okay! I would say straightforward people rely on truthiness. They usually don't think about the implications of their honesty and what others would think about them. They embrace honesty. They’re tough and resilient. They don’t take things personally. They’ve let themselves become comfortable with the rejection so that it doesn’t hurt, it helps. From my point of view, they create a better world by telling the truth.