Band7IELTS : IELTS Exam Preparation

Describe a time you got up early

When was it? Why did you get up early? What did you do after getting up? and explain how you felt about it.

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe a time you got up early.

You should say:

When was it?

Why did you get up early?

What did you do after getting up?

explain how you felt about it.

A Modal answer with band 7+

This is really an interesting topic to talk about. Usually, I wake up around 7 o'clock on weekdays and 9 o'clock on weekends, as per my regular activity. Only in few particular circumstances do I get up early. And today was a crucial day for me, I wake up too early today almost 4 o'clock.

Obviously, because of the IELTS exam that I have today. I had decided not to take any risks in arriving late at the examination centre, as I am completely relying on public transport. Additionally, I also had to prepare for the exam and read some important essays. These are the main reasons for which I had to get up early in the morning.

As per planning, First I get ready and had a healthy breakfast. Thereafter, I started to skim through all notes that my teacher provided to us. Followed by this, I gathered all the important and required documents needed at the examination centre such as my passport and other ID cards. Then I started for the train station to pick up the first train to reach the examination hall. On the way, I read many essays and letters so that I could easily recall them during the IELTS writing exam.

Well, getting up early is a really good start-up for the day. Our mind is more active than at other times of the day, this is what I felt today about waking up early. Potentially, I would love to wake up early every day. I believe this would boost my productivity in my professional life. I will never forget today's date.

Speaking Part 3 Discussion

Do you know anyone who likes to get up early every day?

Yeap. I know many people who love to wake up early in the morning. My parents get up around 5:00 am, to carry out their domestic chores and then get ready for their office as well. Also, there is one friend of mine who gets up at 4:00 am without any exception to do exercise and yoga, he is really a health-conscious person. I wish I could be like him.

Why do people get up early?

Well, there could be various reasons for waking up early. From some people, I heard that getting up early reduces their lazzyness and improves their productivity rate. Also for some people, they need to handle office work in addition to their own domestic chores. For this obviously, they have to start up their day early. Some people wake up early just to breathe fresh air and go for the morning walks and do exercise. According to statistics released by World Health Organization, the majority of people wake up early for their health benefits. Secondly, people whose job demands them to wake up early.

What kind of situation needs people to get up early?

Ahhhh, there are a few situations that I can think of, for which people wake up early. First, there are some indispensable conditions where we must wake up early and start for it. For instance, having an important exam and reaching the examination hall is pivotal for students. Second, when going for the voyage by flight or ship and departure time is in the morning, in such cases as well we have to get up early. Finally, if someone's routine demands them to start off early, for such situations as well people have to get up early.

Why do some people like to stay up late?

Well! choice of staying up late is an individual preference and it varies from person to person. Some people find it a suitable time for their activities to carry out; for example, I saw some of my friends only study at night because they believe that at night no one disturbs them and easy to focus. Another reason I can think of is watching some television shows which broadcast only at night for some reasons. What's more, yeah, some parents who raising children; it is very difficult to find time during the day as they have to look after their kids. Such people stay up late to work on their future planning or watching movies together.

When usually do people in your country wake up in the morning?

It is really hard to say when people get up every day because people follow their own individual and no any standard pattern. However, I can say from what I noticed from friends and relatives. There are people mostly ladies who wake up early around 5:00 am to prepare meals and do routine domestic work. Some people who go to the office, school or college wake up around 8:00 am. I have also seen some people who wake up after 12:00 pm, these are mostly people who don't do anything and also sleep late.