Describe a photo that you took and are proud of

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May I know your full name?

and what should I call you?

May I see your identification?

Section 1

Do you look at the sky and stars?

Why do you look at the sky or why not?

How do you feel when you look at stars?

Do you think looking at the sky or stars make people happy?

Do you watch programs on TV?

Do you talk with your friends about TV programs that you watch?

Do you prefer watching alone or with someone?

What kind of TV programs do you watch mostly?

What is the most famous wild animal in your country?

What is your favourite wild animal?

Do you like to watch TV programs about wild animals?

Did you learn something about wild animals at school?

Cue Card: Describe a photo that you took and are proud of.

You should say:

  • When did you take this photo?
  • Where you took it?
  • What is the photo about?

And explain why you feel proud of that photo.

Section 3

Why do some people like to use photographs to document important things?

What one can learn from photographs taken throughout history?

Are photographs the best way to remember some things?

Which is better, taking photos or keeping a diary?