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Describe a person who you think is more talkative

A model answer for IELTS speaking band score of 7.0 or above about describing a person who you think is more talkative with the detail explanation about a score.

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe a person who you think is more talkative.

You should say:

Who is she/he?

How do you know her/him?

Do you like her/him?

and explain how do you feel talking to her/him?

A Modal answer with band 7+

Well, I know numerous loquacious people. I'd like to talk about my sweet daughter. She's just turned 5 in last month and studying in kindergarten. She has blond hair and blue eyes. She has a dimple on her left cheek whenever she smiles. She is so friendly and can mingle with children of any community.

As a father, I know her since she born that is 23rd November 2013. She is a garrulous girl, like most of the children her age. Every time she observes something new, she asks me the plethora of question, such as, what is this, why is like that, how it is made, etc etc. If she is around, you don't need any entertainment media because she always keeps on talking until we tired listening to her. Sometimes I wonder from where she gets the huge energy for speaking. She is loved by all of our family members and even in the neighbourhood.

The one thing which I love about her is her skill of storytelling. She never misses a small part of any stories and makes stories more interesting by adding background sound and changes tone accordingly. I am really proud of her having these skills quite rare. She is my first child and I love her so much.

Overall, I can say that whenever I talk to her, she helps to release all my stress because her mellifluous voice and the way she talks is tempting.

Speaking Part 3 (Discussion)

  1. What are the differences between formal and informal discussion?

There are clear differences between formal and informal discussion. The first is the Langauge, you have to speak politely when you are speaking formally with professional or in business, whereas you can use slang words while speaking with family or friends. Another difference which I can think of is showing respect in your conversation. If speaking with elder people or with the person at a higher position than you, we often have to show respect to them, on the other hand, In informal speaking, you can speak frankly and friendly.

  1. What type of jobs required to be talkative?

Well, there are a few professions that I know where you need to be chatty. One of them is being a politician because they have to participate in discussion, debate, and sometimes they have to give a public speech in which they must be talkative else they wouldn't able to persuade the public. Another profession is in Radio station, being radio jokey requires to entertain people, they have to be voluble.

  1. Should children be encouraged to talk more?

Ok, From my point of view, we should teach them speaking the right thing rather than to be garrulous, though being chatty is important for them for their future growth in some professional. What I mean to say is if children know when to speak, what to speak, and how to speak, they could improve the pace of their speaking while growing up. These are just my two cents.

  1. Are people from your country are talkative?

This is a really difficult question to say exactly because people change their speaking method based on situation and context. In general, people who are more open to saying about themselves talk more, some who introvert talk rarely keep themselves secluded from the community.