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Describe a person who speaks foreign language well

Describe a person who speaks a foreign language well. Who is the person? Which language does he speak? Where did he learn? and explain what do you think about this language.

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Question :

Talk about a person who speaks a foreign language well.

You should say:

What this skill was?

Which language does he speak?

How did you learn it?

and explain what do you think about his language.

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Well, speaking a foreign language has now become common almost everywhere. In my country, everyone knows English as a foreign language and can speak at some level. However, here I'd like to talk about my friend who speaks other than English foreign language fluently, and his name is Steven. He is now 43 but easily could pass for 30.

Among many languages he speaks, French is one of his fluent spoken languages. He speaks like a native speaker, whenever she speaks with native speakers even they also can't figure it out he is non-native. His pronunciation is just like a French newsreader. I've really blown away with his foreign language skill.

Concerning about where did he learn, you won't believe, without interacting with native speakers, he learned through French movies. He has a predilection of French cinema and watches at least 2 movies in a day. On top of this, he never misses watching French TV shows. Although he doesn't know grammar well, he never makes a mistake while speaking.

Overall, one thing I learned from his skill is that no matter where are we, we can learn any language if we have interest in them. I just loved the way he learns a foreign language.

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