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Describe a game or sport you enjoyed when you were young

A model answer for IELTS speaking band score of 7.0 describe a game or sport you enjoyed when you were young, with the explanation of a score.

Speaking Part 2 (Cue Card)

Question :

Describe a game or sport you enjoyed when you were young.

You should say:

What was the game?

When did you play it?

Who did you play with?

and explain how you felt about it?

A Modal answer with band 7+

Well, in my childhood I used to play many games, some of them were individual games, such as video games, Chess and some were team games, including Cricket, Football and Hide-and-Seek. Here I'd like to talk about my favourite video games. Among the plethora of available games to play, my pleasure was in playing Mario game, in which final aim was to reach princes and save her from an evil and kill him.

I vividly remember that whenever I back home from school, I used to bring my classmates along with me and we had been enjoying playing Mario game by taking turns. That game had both options single player and two players. Each player had 3 lives, and 8 levels had to complete in order to reach the prince which was quite difficult to finish. Despite this, I nailed the games 4-5 times. I remember that every time my players' life reduced I used to hit my hand against the floor, just to show my anger. This game teaches to become determined because I used to play this game I clear all the levels with flying colours and I learned that there is nothing impossible if we keep on trying harder and harder.

Overall, I can say that this game I will never forget in my life how it influenced me to made me determined and diligent. Therefore, this game is my favourite game all the time.