Describe a difficult thing you did and succeeded

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May I know your full name?

and what should I call you?

May I see your identification?

Section 1

Do you like getting up early in the morning?

What do you usually do in the morning?

What did you do in the morning when you were little? And Why?

Do you spend your mornings doing the same things on both weekends and weekdays? And Why?

Does your name have any special meaning?

How would you choose names for your next generation?

Are there any differences between how Indians name their children now and in the past?

Does anyone in your family have the same name as you?

What is your favourite animal? And Why?

What is the most popular animal in your country?

Have you ever had a pet before?

Where do you prefer to keep your pet, indoors or outdoors?

Cue Card: Describe a difficult thing you did and succeeded.

You should say:

  • What it was?
  • How did you complete it?
  • Why it was difficult?

And explain how you felt about doing it.

Section 3

What kinds of jobs require people to be confident?

How do you help children stay focused?

What challenges do young people face today?

On what occasions should children be encouraged? and how?